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Dear person reading this
Dear person reading this,
You deserve a full life of happiness
You deserve to be surrounded by people
who love and treasure you
People who genuinely care for you
Some days will drag you down
but you deserve to be content
No matter what happened
No matter what others tell you
You are not your past
Your flaws do not define you
Live to express
not to impress
Just live
Go for it.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 21 13
No matter what
No matter how many weapons
we continue to use
No matter how many wars
we will start
No matter how many innocent people
have to die
The world can't live
without hope
Hope and love
So I will hope
and I will love
Till the world does change.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 8 1
They always tell me
Today is a new day
But it seems like
the pain never fades away
I don't know why
there is only chaos in my mind
chased by memories
I wish not to see
Memories of you
Leaving us behind
This life continues
My life continues
Yours did end
Hey friend, tell me
why did you jump?
Hey friend, tell me...
It feels like a hole
in my little soul.
I'm sorry
I miss you
Rest in Peace
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 6 18
   Maybe I am just one
who tries to save the world
    Maybe the only one
who tries it with words.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 7 14
Tunisia has spoken
You shoot but cannot kill
The memory forever lives
You terrorise but cannot kill
Their memory and their strong will
Tunisia has awoken
Tunisia has spoken
Shocked by their situation
Calling for a revolution
Maybe I'm just a nobody
A nobody from Germany
Maybe I'm not over there
Not able to grasp the atmosphere
But I do understand
For what they fight
No triumph without loss
No victory without suffering
No freedom without sacrifice
There is to pay a price
...but it will be worth it
We believe in you, Tunisia
We are connected by the same sky
We will support you
We will not forget you
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 2 0
I like you
It seems like I’m not able
To find an explanation
For this sweet sensation
Floating through the air
It is just sometimes there
Sparkling in the dark
When I see you..
The darkness called my life
The routine of my day
It just fades away
Your voice, your touch, your smile
Somehow chasing it away
By siting next to me
Even though only for a while
Why don’t I tell you?
Why don’t I tell you
That I like you?
I like you.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 9 15
Vietnam, Germany, Home?
Everytime I look at the mirror
I'm supposed to see my face
Instead I feel this terror
Seeing "attributes of my race"
Do you know this feels?
They keep starring at me
"Germany, your new home?
Are you fuckin' kidding?!
Just go back to Chinatown!"
Never stop insulting me
Tell me what's the big deal?
I'm designed in the East
Raised in the West
Am I a westernised Easterner
Or an easternised Westerner?
Before you reply
Don't even try
 Germany, a part of me?
 Unfortunately, here
 I'm just a minority
                                       Vietnam, a part of me?
                                       Whenever I'm over there
                                       They just see
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 12 40
Hey girl
Hey girl, do you know
How much you do glow?
Sitting there in the darkness
Believing you are all alone
But it is not over now
Only the sun goes down
Do you think that
your parents loved you?
Maybe not, but I do
Did they support you?
No, they did not.
It is a shame,
The tragedy’s name
Hey girl, I want to tell you
Your death made me cry
So tell me please
Why did it have to end?
Was it too much to pretend?
Hey girl, did you know
How much you do glow?
It is not over yet
Only the sun goes down
It starts rolling
It will never stop
Fix society. Please
We will try, you know?
Trying to fulfill
Your last will.
Rest in Peace, Leelah.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 6 2
Starless Night
You were my star that in the dark glows
And my ocean that calmy flows
I chose you, trusted you out of a few
I was always there, only for you.
And now going through our memories
That is what I always do
'Cause that's all what you've left me
Just memories of you.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 11 5
Dear unknown soldier
Dear unknown soldier,
I'm sorry to say
It's all the same
Nobody knows your name
You are just a statistic
A number to mention
During some political campaign
You are not seen as a human
Just as a toy.
I'm sorry to say
Your death hasn't made a change
You are unknown
Forgotten and dead
I'm sorry to say
Your death was maybe a waste.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 18 22
Leelah Alcorn
Why not accept your daughter?
Why taking her to a therapist?
Making her hate herself
Making her to shame herself
More and more isolated
Did she become
No support from you at all
Not even a single sign of love
And then….
Even after her suicide
You are not able to see
Keep desecrating her memory
By calling her a HE
I wish wherever Leelah is
That her dream will fulfill
Fix Society. Please.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 8 10
Traeume Schaeume
So weit wie der Himmel
So endlos die Träume,
Die uns hoffen lassen
Und nie verblassen.
Träume wie helle Sterne
Scheinen durch unsere Sicht
Leuchten dabei in der Ferne
Leiten uns mit ihrem Licht
Manche von uns erreichen diese
Manche bleiben ihnen ewig fern
Manche Träume werden vergessen
Manche fallen wie ein Stern
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 3 8
At school I have many friends yet I’m lonely
I speak to them every day yet none of them know me
At street I see many humans but no humanity
You all talk about money but not about morality
There is a tear between each smile
Why to pretend that it is fine, my heart?
Hoping it will be just for a while
But I know it is tearing me apart.
Stop looking at me like I’m the monster
Each of you give my heart another fracture
Happiness, why not able to capture?
I tried and tried and tried again.
....I’m tired.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 6 10
Right and Wrong
What is the difference between right and wrong?
Are really all women weak and all men strong?
Does the struggle of equality take too long?
Does it really matter if you are LGBTQ or straight?
Should we not love each other and end this hate?
What is so wrong  and so bad
about having two mams or two dads?
The child can still be raised.
The child can be loved.
So stop to insult and hurt them, please!
Nothing of their life is a disease
Do we not all have emotions?
Are we not all just humans?
Are we deep down not the same?
No matter gender, sexuality, race or name?
Do we not all share an important part?
‘cause we all have a beating heart.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 4 11
Understanding each other
I understand your point of view
I will let you finish, I will
But please before you keep using insults
Just think about the results
Why do we have to fight?
Why arguing all day and night?
I understand your belief in god, I do
A religion is helpful sometimes
to go through really hard lifetimes
But about my disbelief, do you have a clue?
You assume I have no morality
But I still help others with sincerity
You think I have no purpose of life,
Well, I just do not believe in afterlife
I live for the moment, I live for love
You believe there is someone above
Who you cannot see
But always feel
Someone who is with you all day
And shows you the right way
But still we are not so different
We both look for acceptance
And love and peace and independence
Does that not count, in the end?
So please do not see me
As your enemy
We can be friends
How would that be?
I’m sorry that I have interrupted you
Please continue
I want to hear your view
I do
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 11 9
Have you ever thought about a purpose of life,
and if it exists, an afterlife?
You know there is more than TV
and no need to love the media industry
I know, a purpose is hard to find,
but just keep this in mind:
Ignorance is a high price,
Take it or refuse
Is it so hard to decide?
Do I really have to mention
that there are other dimensions
to think about life
and how to use your mind?
You refuse and rather be blind
But have you ever tried?
Do you have a clue?
Do you know what to do?
All men and women of history
tried to solve the world’s mystery:
What’s the purpose of life?
What’s the purpose of my life?
So please don’t be scared
and don’t become exasperated
‘cause everyone has to decide
how to live and all has its price.
So try to break the border
and think about all orders.
Just listen to your heart
Question and criticise
You just have to start.
Ask yourself: Who do I want to be?
And what to others expect of me?
But in the end it only counts
What i
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 10 10


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Dear person reading this,

You deserve a full life of happiness
You deserve to be surrounded by people
who love and treasure you
People who genuinely care for you

Some days will drag you down
but you deserve to be content
No matter what happened
No matter what others tell you

You are not your past
Your flaws do not define you

Live to express
not to impress

Just live

Go for it.
Dear person reading this
I am sorry for this long hiatus I have been but my first year at university took a lot of my free time especially because I am doing a double degree at the moment. 

Unfortunately I have not been able to write a lot because I focused on my law study but I will try my to best to keep this account updated with poems :)

I wish all my followers a nice Sunday! ^o^
Hey everyone ^^"

I am very sorry that I have been offline for such a long time but after my final exams I had to study for some university entrance exams. 
They didn't go so well for me so that I didn't get accepted in my favourite university. Well, on top of that I was not really satisfied with my final exam results but now I got over it.
I mean, tbf most of my classmates told me they would kill for those results so I am probably to ambitious ^^" 

Anyway, I decided to go to another university and I will have to find an appartement till October but I think I will figure all that out. 
Just wanted to tell you that I am back and I will try to catch up with all notifications and comments, etc.. And I will soon post some new stuff. 

Soooo have a nice day :)

Love, Mai x


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